Howdy folks and thanks for popping in.

As you have probably ascertained, my name is Craig Lillard and I have been what I would call a "video entrepreneur" for close to 20 years.  I've always loved cameras and screens.  I shot my first film when I was 13 on Super 8 silent film.  It included a star-studded cast of Star Wars action figures, Fisher Price adventure vehicles and a rubber toy lizard in the role of Godzilla.

While I majored in video and film in college, I had no plans of utilizing it in my career.  But in 2001 I launched my first video related internet company called Visual Reality.  From 2006 to 2010, I founded and grew one of the very first stock video marketplaces and one of the first online stores to sell video templates.

In 2019, I founded ClipScribe a web application that helps create attention-commanding subtitled social media videos.

Today, I still love video and I believe that now more than ever, it is critical every CEO, business owner, marketer, consultant, or coach understand how important video is.

Which is why I launched my site,  I want to help you, inspire you and give you tools to start creating potent video content that will turn viewers into fans and fans into lifelong customers.

Thanks for dropping by!



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