Just MAKE the Content or (The King of the Bingo Game)

King of The Bingo


Hey, everybody. It's Craig again with 100 Stories.

This is day two of your video training to get you up and running with 100 stories and start creating your video content. I want to talk to you about the roadblock in your mind that is going to prevent you from making video content.


There's a story that I read in college called the "King of the Bingo Game", in this story, at the time is the reason it resonated is that there's a girl I had a crush on, that I had never had kind of the courage to tell her. When I read the story it didn't really give me the courage but it made me really process it and think about it in my head.

What happens in the story of the King of the Bingo Game. (I'm probably going to misquote this because I haven't read it in years) but the gist of it is there's a guy and his wife is sick. She's got some kind of an illness and he goes to like a fair or a movie or something where they're doing a contest and they're spinning a wheel and he holds a button-down to spin the wheel.

When he lets go of the button, the wheels going to stop, and he's going to see if he's going to win. I think it was like a lot of money or something that he would be able to use to help his wife, get out of this predicament. She said, she's in the hospital something along those lines and gets her out of the predicament. He goes up and he holds the button down and the wheels start spinning. And the whole time, as he's holding this button down and he's thinking about what's going to happen when he lets go of the button and that it could go either way at that point.

And so, what he does is he won't let go? He won't let go of the button and he keeps holding it down. In my mind, it seems like somebody comes and like has to take it out of his hands. But the point that always stuck in my head is, it's comfortable to hold that button-down, it's comfortable to sit in that "what if? " zone because you don't know what's going to happen. As long as you're in the middle not knowing what's going to happen, there are no consequences, either way, there's going to be no benefit. There's going to be no pain. There's going to be no loss.

There's going to be no win but you can fantasize about the win, you can think about it, okay? But the problem is if you stay there, nothing is ever going to happen to you. So, it is better to let go of that button and do it. If you fail at it, then you can try again or you can find another way, but if you sit there in the middle of your whole life, then you're definitely not.


So when it comes to video content all these different things you can come up with excuses for what to do, "I don't know what equipment to use", "I don't know how to make it look good", it's not going to look professional enough. I don't know what to say obviously, and you're here. Hopefully, we're going to help with that so many excuses you could make that will prevent you from creating anything. Here's one encouragement you got to understand that the thing, that I think is most valuable about the video is that most people aren't going to do this. Most people are scared. They have all those questions. I just shut off and they're creating anything. They would rather hide behind, a monitor, or hide behind emails or blogs or whatever not put themselves out there. I give a shout-out to my buddy Ken Walls who tells me about this encounter and what Grant said to Ken was, "Ken what are you hiding from?" "Like, why are you hiding all the time?" "Why aren't you putting yourself out there?" "What do you have to hide?" And that really resonated with Ken and resonated with me too, when he told me that, and I want it to resonate with you. "What are you hiding from?" You're sitting there hiding holding that button down afraid of what might happen.


Well, guess what the chances are pretty good that if you start putting yourself out there unless you're just a total jerk you're going to have some kind of an impact and I'm here to help you learn how to hone that impact and make yourself valuable to others so that they actually care about you and actually want to hear from you. And you're not just kind of a blowhard always showing up in people's feed. So what are you hiding from? And why are you holding down that button forever? Let go of the button, pick up your camera, pick up your smartphone, press record, record, tell a story, and upload it. And I don't care if you just upload it to one social network, just upload it. Don't worry about what happens.

Don't worry about it. If nobody watches it, don't worry about it. If it gets no views, don't worry about that. The next time let's say you're going to do it once a week. Next week, pick up your phone, press record, tell a story and post it and keep doing that on a realistic schedule that you can actually stick with. And over time you're going to learn, at the very least you're going to learn something new. You're going to learn what works and what doesn't what people would like what they don't and if you stick with it, you're gonna start making an impact and that impact may be small may be enormous, but you never going to make any impact holding that button down for the rest of your life.

So this is Craig, again guys. Hopefully, this video was encouraging to you and I hope you pick up your camera this week and shoot some video. And again, got a few more videos for you coming in your email for the next few days so check those out cause I want to get you up and running in making content as soon as possible and I will see you on the next video.

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