What is the Ideal Length for my Videos?



In this video, I want to talk to you about the length of your videos that you create in your shoot and you shoot how long should those videos be? How long should your stories be? Should they be a few seconds? Should they be a minute? Would they be 10 minutes? What's your goal here? What should you shoot for?


A few years ago I started doing stand-up comedy and it's something I always wanted to do since I was a kid. When I was older and I was able to, I took standup comedy classes and at the end of that, we had to put on a show and then I ended up meeting some other guys, and we ended up doing a few standup comedy shows ourselves, that we did it a local theater.  As I'm working on that I want to be good at it.

So, I found this guy named Steve Roye and he had this workshop at the time called "Killer Stand Up". Steve had this principle about comedy and that principle was that, a good comedian should be producing four to six laughs per minute, and that during each of those laughs, 80% of the audience should be laughing. So every minute, four to six laughs, and 80% of the audience should be laughing during each one of those.

Now, most people when they start doing standup, they're used to telling stories, what most jokes you do and then you have the punchline. So what Steve is telling you is that you need to be having punchlines all through your comedy set, not telling a really long story, and then having one punchline at the end. It's really got my mind working as to how this has to be done correctly, to really make an impact. Well, the same principle can be had by creating video content.


What is the reason that he wants you to do four to six minutes of laughter or four to six laughs per minute, is that he wants you to keep things going. He wants you to keep their attention. When you're creating your content, you want to be thinking about how you don't want to lose it (attention).

The problem is when you're first starting out and you're creating content to get people's attention. Those people don't know you. They don't like you and they don't care about you. So from a comedy standpoint, the worst situation you can be in is with a cold crowd. People that have no idea who you are, because they're not going to tolerate you. But if you've watched any comedy at all, you've probably watched a comedian who has essentially bombed they put out a bad set to an audience of people that care about them and they still kill. They still do great. Even though if you watch it on tv, maybe it wasn't that funny, but they're doing it to a warm crowd.


You also have to consider who's your audience. If you're just creating content or you're creating a video and you're posting it as an ad and it's getting seen by people that don't know you, then you need to make sure that your video content is crammed with attention and not a long drawn out video because you're going to lose those people's attention. Now, as time goes on and you build up fans, people that care about you, they're going to be more likely to watch you no matter what you say, quite frankly, but for these stories, I want you to keep them concise.


I would say somewhere between one and five minutes max.

The aim in that range for this video content and if you can narrow it down even better if you use a tool like Clipscribe you can easily take out sections of your video. Whether you use that or not, it's a brilliant advantage to be able to go through and edit out entire sections or sections where you're just trailing off and you can see that it's not that entertaining or attention-grabbing. Focus on that. Remember these people can turn you off at any point. So try to pack each video with as much interest and attention as you can and keep it in that one to five-minute range, especially when you're just starting out.


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