Where Should I Post my Video Content?

Where Should I Post my Video Content?

Hey everybody, It's Craig. In this video, this is the last video in this little tutorial series to get you set up and shoot a video. The question that I'm going to answer today is where should I post my video content? How should I shoot? Should I shoot my video horizontal? Or vertical?

Two important questions:

Where should you post your content?

You should start out by posting on a platform that you like. This is just my opinion. You need to choose a platform that you enjoy and you want to be on and if you do that, the likelihood that you're going to interact on the content, and you're going to show up to represent your content is going to be much better. If you go out and start posting your content to platforms that you're not getting the most out of it, I'm not saying don't post your content there, but it does take some extra effort and unless you're using some posting tools or something, you might be putting effort into something that may just make you give up and quit.

For example, I'm not on twitter, I'm not a big fan of twitter. So if I was going to post content, the social network that I use the most would be Facebook. I would post on Facebook for starters. Then as I get more comfortable, then I would start posting elsewhere. That might be youtube for you. It might be a Snapchat. It might be tik-tok, you have to determine what platform is the best for you. Stick with what you know, and what you like, and then expand out to other stuff as you get more comfortable.

Vertical or Horizontal?

I have a couple of answers to this. The first answer relies, on which platform should I post my content? And then a second question related to that, is that the only platform I'm going to post my content?

If your answer is a vertical platform and really there are only two completely vertical platforms at the moment. That's tik-tok and Snapchat. So, if those are your platforms that you love and that's the only place you're going to post your content, then I would shoot vertically because those are exclusively vertical platforms. Now you might say, hey Craig, what about IGTV? Isn't that a vertical platform? If you don't know IGTV is Instagram's vertical platform. The problem with IGTV is that Instagram and many IGTV users want to share that content with Instagram. Instagram is not an exclusively vertical platform.

What happens is, the platform gets cut off, it gets chopped off when it goes over to Instagram. So, you have to factor that in my recommendation. If you want to get the most out of your content and you don't plan on shooting multiple takes of your content. Let me just give you a side note. You could say, hey, I'm going to shoot vertical content for those vertical platforms. Then I'm going to shoot horizontal content for the other platforms. So you might be savvy enough to do that. And that's great. And I think it's a great strategy. If you don't have time for that, and you just want to shoot one piece of content and then you want to repurpose it for other platforms. I always say, shoot good all HD horizontal 1920x1080 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio. This is the classic email. It's not really that classic, not that old.

This is going to benefit you the most. Here's why if you start vertical you're generally going to fill up the whole screen with your image so show you an example of that most people are going to fill up a terrible picture of me, but they're going to fill up. And of course, this is fully vertical. I'd be filled up the whole thing. I can't really do anything with this as first cropping it down like if I want to put this on Youtube, Youtube really only accepts horizontals. They're starting to kind of get into vertical a little more, but for the most part, they're horizontal. If I crop this down the horizontal, it's going to be something like this. I'm going to chop my face off and I'm going to chop the bottom part of me off to make this horizontal but if I shoot horizontally and let's just show you what that looks like here. Actually, I'm going to do it in video mode. Cause that's going to show you more realistically if I shoot horizontally, now I can take this horizontal video I can build upon it to make a square video. So, I could put a banner here. I can put subtitles here. I can make a vertical video. I could put a taller banner here and a taller banner here and I could put a headline and some subtitles and I get set it up so that my headline is down and my subtitles are here.


When IGTV cuts it down which they're going to, then my headline is not cut off and my subtitles are not cut off. So, the other thing is I can take that video, and now I can upload that to Youtube and I can upload that to Vimeo and I can put it on my website, and it's not going to look weird. Most people don't put vertical videos on their website so you open yourself up to much more opportunity. If you just shoot regular good old horizontal video instead of vertical video and that is my recommendation for that.

Hopefully, this video was helpful to you as well and it gave you some good stuff to know. If you need to ask me any questions, let me know. Get out there start shooting your video content make your 100 stories and start building your influence and your audience.

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