Why Create and Post Video Content Anyway?

Why Video Content?


In this video, I'm going to talk to you about why 100 Stories are important to growing your audience and your influence.


You see it all the time you, see people creating video content and you've probably wondered like I've wondered. What difference is this really making? What is the point? If I'm not going to become instantly viral? Why should I spend my time creating video content? And so I answer that question for you today give you some motivation so that you'll feel like there's a purpose to you creating this content because you're going to come to a point where you feel like this is a waste of my time and my effort I'm not getting things out of this and when you get to that point if you don't have a goal in mind and if you don't understand the longterm value then you're going to quit so, here's how to not quit.


So I've been a video person for about 20 years. I started my first company 20 years ago it was a type of video production company.  We created a video series that was sold as a subscription so I had to create a lot of video content I don't know if "content" really the word. that wasn't really a word that was used back then we were creating on the street interviews interview stories and little short, little interesting videos and then after that my second company also had to do with video too so it was a stock media marketplace where people could buy and sell short video clips only in the last few years.

Since, I would say, probably around 2015 and forward has this whole idea of video content come into play. And you started seeing people like putting themselves out there on video on social media and essentially taking the stuff that you would normally put into a blog and putting it on the video but even more than that because, before blogs where while some people were kind of telling their stories, a lot of it was just articles and info and so there's kind of the shift into, creating video content and I didn't get it like I really did not fully comprehend it and it all came together for me at this one juncture and here's what that was so, my last company did not end well okay, we had to deal that while we didn't actually infringe on it, it did not end well for us so, after 10 years I had to reboot everything I had to start over sell my house, start over from ground zero moved my family into an apartment well, my goal was, like, and you hear this a lot like, what would I do if I had to start all the way over from scratch?

And for me, it always looked, I know how to market, I know how to advertise because I have done it too, grow launch and grow my two previous companies which were successful, even though the second one didn't end well it was still a successful company for 10 years so I was good at that and I thought, I'll just do that. I will go out and I'll help people and for me, it made sense that I would just do it locally for starters. However, the problem with that is, when you're starting from ground zero you don't have money to spend on things like advertising and marketing so, I didn't have money to go out there and just start advertising and everything and people kept telling me, Craig, you need to network, you need to get out there and network and you need to go to these networking events and I had never really networked my previous companies. I grew sitting behind a computer basically I mean, I sometimes would go to convention it was never really with and so I was forced into this position where I had to do this thing that I didn't even know if it was worth it.


I remember one morning I got up and I went to a chamber of commerce meeting. I'm a night owl entrepreneur, I'm not a morning guy, I don't like mornings. At the time I was working very late at night and I just get up at nine o'clock or something nine 30 whenever I really wanted to, cause I usually work till two or 3:00 am and I was totally fine with that. So getting up early and having to go to this meeting that I don't even know if it's worth anything is not my idea of a good time. So I go to this chamber of commerce meeting and I sit there and there's a bunch of people in there, we all give our introductions and everything and I'm just thinking how is this going to give me any customers?

I mean, there was already some guy in there doing marketing and obviously, a lot of people knew him. So, I thought this is probably a waste of my time, so that day ended and at the end of it a few people came up to me and I left and that was it, and I thought, man, what a waste that was. I really was just so bummed out about it because I'm used to advertising. You put an ad out, you get a response on it. So I went back a few times, I went back to that chamber of commerce, I went to another one, I went to some other networking groups and I started to see little glimmers of hope here like I get. I met a guy who knew that I was starting over from ground zero and so, he threw me some work he was like, hey, you know I got some stuff you can do, you can write some content for me and I was like, well,  if it will bring in some money I'm all for it so, he started throwing me some stuff then I meet other people that, gave me more hope and made me think hey, you know, the more people I meet the more allies I have in my corner.


Eventually, I joined and that really kind of kicked things off for me and I started digging into it.  So, even that took a while.  Even though I was going to this other group regularly I didn't start to get any reasonable consistent business from that group for probably three or four months and then I started to get business from it and then, the people that I got business with would recommend me to other people and slowly I was able to build myself back up to where I was doing okay from nothing. To scraping by, to back to a point where I was doing all right and which got me to the point where I was able to start doing some other things and that's what led to me being able to launch Clipscribe and launch 100 Stories. Cause I was able to get myself back up to that it was around that time that people like Gary Vaynerchuk started coming out, they started making this video sort of hiring with them and video them and I started watching Casey Neistat on Youtube. I'm going to vlog everyday and I'm going to do it.

So, I saw him grow, and his audience grows, and his influence grows like over a year and a half. He went from a few hundred thousand subscribers which is nothing to shake a stick up to 5 million and he became a GQ man of the year and he ended up selling a company for $20 million that CNN bought. I mean, really everything seemed to work for him and I realized it was all about this idea of putting yourself out there consistently, which is all networking is, okay get it out to your head that video was some magic tool that does something magical. The thing about the video is you're able to network, you're able to get in front of people at scale.


So, why tell stories? Why would I not just go out and try to sell my stuff? Well, because you look at these networking groups and when I walked into these networking groups I didn't start selling myself right away and I don't know if I learned that or somebody told me that but I did at least understand that I had to build relationships, and then if I did that eventually those relationships which is why video content is a longterm game, it's about consistency and it's about relationships, it's about building a connection, and if you do that, just like networking works whether you like it or not, it works video content over time. is going to work and the brilliant thing about it is you can scale it much higher because going to a networking group requires you and your time and creating a video and posting online requires you and your time. You're not just going to one group, you could multiply that influence, you can even pay to multiply it if you want to and it sits there you're not going to one meeting a week it sits on the internet so other people can find it and view it so one video you make today could be viewed by somebody a year from now so the power in that is incredible.

That is why you're here right now and that it should be your goal you're not trying to make that's going to go viral you're trying to build connections, grow your influence and if you do that everything else is going to follow, if you want sales it's going to follow if you want something else.

So, pick up your video camera and tell your story and post it and don't worry if you feel like nobody watched it because they're probably not going to right away but if you do it consistently you will start to make an impact and maybe that impact is not crazy enormous, maybe it will be, but if you don't create any video content? You will have no impact just like if I had decided that going to that networking group is a waste of time, I would have stayed in the hole that I was in most likely.

Hopefully, this video was helpful to you. You've got a few more coming so, check those out I want to encourage you and give you the tools that you need to start creating consistent video content, hopefully these next few days will help you do that.

Thanks a lot, guys. I'll talk to you soon this is Craig Lillard.

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