Making it in the Car: Lighting


Hey, everybody, it’s Craig Lillard. This is another video about why car videos work and how can you take the principles of why they work and apply them somewhere else to a more interesting location. That way, you’re not just sitting in your car making a video all the time, which personally, I don’t think it’s your best choice. It’s not a terrible choice, but I think you can have better options than sitting in your car.

So, in the first video we talked about audio. If you miss that video, go check it out, it will be linked below. This time we’re going to be talking about lighting.

Why do you get good lighting in the car?

Shooting a video in your car is usually a great place for lighting. You can usually get even lighting when you’re in your car. So, why do you get good lighting in your car? I didn’t even realize that I had this light on back here, which is kind of funny, because when making videos, a lot of times you wanna have a backlight, especially to separate you from your backdrop and I didn’t even know this was on.  Oh well, that’s not a bad thing necessarily. But even without that, everything else is just lit by the sun coming through these windows. These windows provide is diffusion. I am not in the direct path of the sun. If you’re shooting video outside, especially in the middle of the day, you usually have harsh light hitting you and it looks really bad because you’re overexposed. Unless you’re shooting during what they call the ‘magic hour’, which is approximately an hour or two before sunset, shooting outside is not ideal. Now if you’re shooting video inside and you want to get good light like this, you will have to set up additional lights. If you don’t have additional lights, what you could do is stand in front of a window where the light is coming through the window and you get this exact same diffused effect. So, if you’re in an office space that has big windows and you could stand in front of them and you have a cool background too, you might have a hard time getting good audio, though.

Lighting and Audio go hand-in-hand

If you’re shooting video inside and you don’t have extra lights, shooting it in your car is an alternate option. I highly recommend that you take the principles from the audio portion that we talked about, because again, the benefit of being in a car is you have a soundproof environment that makes it easier to get good audio. If you haven’t already watched the video where I discuss how to achieve good audio, click here to watch Part 1 of this series.

So to recap, you get good great lighting because you have this diffusion. We have a ceiling over our head. We have diffused sunlight coming in through the car windows. Light is bouncing all over the place and that’s what allows you to get nice, even lighting. Even if it’s overcast outside. You might have a grey tint to your face, but you’re gonna have even lighting. So, that’s why shooting a video in your car is not a bad idea. I think it’s why so many people do it. They can get a  reasonably good shot of themselves with decent lighting and it’s gonna look pretty good.

So, that’s part two of this series and in the next video, we’re gonna be talking about Stabilization. Be sure to check that out when that one comes out, check out the audio video if you haven’t seen it yet, and other than that, this is Craig Lillard and I look forward to seeing you on another video.

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