Video Story Idea: Risk


Hey, everybody, it’s Craig Lillard. Today, I have a video content story idea for you, so if you’re creating content, you’re just getting into creating content.

This is a story idea that will work with any industry because it’s all about you and your story. And the story idea today is called risk. It’s all about risk. Are you a risk-taker? Are you not a risk-taker? Why, or why not? Do you love risk? Do you avoid risk? What is a risk that you have taken that has paid off? What is a risk that you’ve taken that has not paid off? If you are risk-averse, what do you do to get to the next level in your life? In your business? How do you solve that problem? Or talk about a moment or a time in your life where you wish you had taken more risks and you let it pass you by and imagine for your audience what could have happened if you had decided to take that risk and finally involve your audience in on this one ask them about whether or not they like to take risks or they avoid risks and ask them to tell their own stories in the comments.

So, that is your story idea for today. If you want to get more story ideas, go over to 100 stories. Use the link below. You get over 100 free video story ideas, plus what we call boosts, which give you creative ideas and how to amp up your stories and it’s totally, totally free. So hop over there and sign up to that platform and get started creating your content, telling your story and building your audience and your influence.

Thanks, everybody for watching. This is Craig Lillard and I’ll see you on another video.

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